About Me

My name is Eduard Petrovsky and in real world I’m a Test Engineer.

Beside that i need to disassemble and see whats inside of everything I get in my hands and modify what’s producer forgot to implement.

In the FPV world I’m WizzX and this page is focused to drones, Betaflight, INAV, FPV racing and other RC related stuff.

you can find my builds here: RotorBuilds

I’m not a professional airman, but I can share and explain lot of technical theory as well as test and review electronics not only from FPV word.

I’m able to 3D print (SLA) and Laser cut and engrave with home made machine as well as I can help you with Arduino stuff, PLC or even BMW/Peugeot coding.

I also creating FPV related 3D models for Sketchup, you can see my models here: 3D warehouse