My first RC car – Peugeot 206 off-road, controlled by flight controller

There’s old RC car lies down in my father’s garage for many years. He probably bring it from garbage somewhere, as there’s no controller, and battery was nicely corroded. I decide to bring it back to live.

As I have only drone related experience and I have many spare drone parts, only idea was to use flight controller (to control motors and servos, OSD and maybe use giro as well) and buys some other parts…

My friend riding Wltoys 12428, and I found wheel base is nearly the same as my Peugeot 206 body – i decided to go to something similar. I pick up Feiyou FY-03 as theres probably better review about lifetime.

Here you can find comparison of those 2 cars


As firts I get FY-03 frame only (with wheels and without motor, servo, Reciever, ESC… for around 50$

and a motor

Motor was Racerstar 3650 2300KV as I like to drive as slow as possible

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