Reptile CLOUD-149 cinewhoop (and 3D model)

As my QX95 is quite fragile and I broke million props and also broke frame and camera… I decide to assembly something what can be used inside and outside, but quite robust and what even can handle Gopro Session on it. On theres really nice video from that kind of drone what’s made my decision

Right now I get the RTF (ready to fly) frame from Aliexpress, which was really cheap (80 euro)

CLOUD-149 RC Drone

with following components on it:

VTXMini 5848 VTX 48CH
VTX AntennaMicro Mini Stubby antenna
FrameCLOUD-149 RC frame
FCFlytower Mini F4 Integrated OSD
MotorReadytosky 1306 3100KV
ESC15A 4 in 1 ESC
Propellers3045 3-blade propeller
FPV Camera700TVL camera

I just add receiver (R12DSM) and come on – ready to fly…

OK, it was not so easy, as I’m perfectionist, I disassemble everything and want to make wire-addressing much better. Also I would like to replace camera for the best one – RunCam Micro Eagle as I have one spare after disputed one.

So, dissasembly was OK, than spend some hour with triing different position of FC/ESC/VTX, to fits cable in best way, but you will see my build later…

Also I try to connect IRC tramp on Mini 5848 VTX 48CH, as there was some green cable, but I end-up with dead FC 🙁

And right, you can find my Sketchup 3D model here:

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