XK A800 – brushless motor update

As a fist step of rebuild my XK A800 from toy to serious GPS glider is replace brushed motor to brushless.
I decide to go to small and light 1306 tinywhoop motor, and as there no way of use folding glider props, 3D printed parts will must be used to fits original props as well as adapter for motor mount.

EMAX RS1306 2700KV:

This motor (diameter 16.8mm) together with my 3d printed adapter perfectly fits into fuselage. It is half of the original motor weight but 3x stronger. Also lifetime for a brushless motor should be much longer.

you can buy this motor here: (with few cents for me)


Just to compare original motor and brushlees EMAX:

Weight: 23g original motor with prop ws 16g EMAX
Thrust with 2S lipo: around 50g original motor and around 150g for EMAX


FVT LittleBee 20A

This ESC is probably overkill with max current (20A) but is light (5g) and cheap, bidirectional Dshot can be used, so perfect for that. As A bonus can be hidden in motor holder and cooled by prop air.

you can byu it here:


Motor holder 3D part

download 3D Model here

This part is designed to fits into fuselage but needs to be glued with some good polystyrene glue.
motor is fixed with 2 M2 20 mm inbus screws and can be released also if part is glued. ESC is placed in the middle and it is cooled by air going true original holes into fuselage.

Prop holder 3D part

download 3D Model here

This is part to replace original prop holder to possibility to screw it to motor with 2 M2 screws

Glue for polystyrene:


Original A800 propeller:


3 thoughts on “XK A800 – brushless motor update

  1. Thanks Wizzx!

    I’ve ordered both items via your link. However I’m unable to open the 3D files. Any chance to share them in *.stl or *.obj format please?

    Kind Regards

  2. Nice upgrade.

    I am curious though – what did you do on the electronics side to convert the 2-wire motor output from A800 board to required PWM format to ‘drive’ the ESC ?

    As far as I know the A800 witing does not use PWM protocol …

    Do you have a wiring diagram that shows what youve done with wiring ? The ESC +/- wires will go thru a Y harness straight to battery I guess, how did you wire the ESC servo wires though …


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