QX95 – Bzučo (Zipper)

Hi again,

As winter is comming, theres not somuch possibilities to fly outside so i decide to reuse some Syma X5C (FPV mod) components an try to create full acro FPV capable micro quad for indor flying.
As i would like to stay low with price i chose Tiny whoop 95mm (some QX95 clone) frame for 1s Lipo with brushed motors, and use my Radiolink AT9S TX and EV200D goggles

Frame: QX95 clone
FC: F3 OSD brushed
Motor: 8.5mm 8520 brushed
VTX+Camera: JMT 5.8G 25MW 40CH 800TVL Transmitter
RX: Radiolink R6DSM (as still waiting for slow ship, im using the big brother R12DSM (diversity)
1000uF/6.3V capacitor
550mah 1S Lipo from SYMA X5C (nearly end of life, but ordered some GNB’s)

Components which I can reuse from SYMA:

Camera with VTX:
JMT 5.8G 25MW 40CH 800TVL Transmitter

Syma lipos:
3.7v 650mah Li-Po Battery

8.5mm motors (updated from 7mm)

components to order


F3 Flight controller with OSD

R6DSM reciever

other parts:
AT9S transmitter

Eachine EV200D goggles

I’m using reversed frame orientation (top is bottom) to keeps battery as close to possible to center of gravity.
There’s also some modification on frame (cutting) to fits VTX and antenna. I also modified VTX and cut video line betwen camera and VTX and connect them to FC to see OSD. WS28Led not works on mine. As Battery strip Im using very light strip from TOPK charger.

As first I get ready all the compontents:

As firts – I modified the frame to fits VTX with camera on it (make hole for antenna)
And make spacers shorter a bit to keep quad low.
Paste a double sided dumping foam on Flight controller. I just keep middle part free for using a battery strip and stick it on the frame

If you want to use OSD, you have to modify camera with VTX and split video line. You have to cut (unsolder) top 3rd pin and solder 2 cables with Video signal In and Out.
I Also solder power cables insteand of using socket to fits into frame. Than put the antena true hole in frame and stick camera to spacer.
And you can start with assembling motors and solder wires acroding this diagram. Im using prop-out motors connection to pusm me out from obstacles. I tried to connect WS2812 LED as wel, but it didnt work correct with latest betaflight (4.0)
I also used 1000uF /6.3V capacitor connected to power socket and glued to frame
small foam strips and battery strip form USB charger cable (TOPK)
Buzzer and antena glued to the frame
And finnaly put some motors, propples and manage cables a bit (and also replace broken coverleaf antena with standard bipolar one 🙂
As I still did not recieve R6DSM reciever, I used bulky one with diversity R12DSM what is quite overkill with range about 3km 🙂

So lets fly…

how it fly?
It flies quite lazy as Sima Lipos are very cheap, but its is good for start and training.
I spend few hours with adjusting rates as there was quit strong woobling on descent. I found pretty good setup, but main reason I think are still weak batteries.
After 3 hours of flying I broke one arm, so waiting for another frame (and arm protectors) 


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