Charge multiple 1S Lipos like a Pro

As charging of my 1S whoop Lipos for my SYMA X5C or QX95 was totaly without any control (with crazy 4port chinisium charger with 4 red Leds).

But there’s better way.

Im using HOTA D6 Dual as my primary charger for all my RC stuff, this is a 300W dual port charger able to take up to 6S batteries of any kind. This is a charger powered with 6.5-30V DC so you need som strong power supply for it. But theres also possible to take Pro version with power supply included

So the goal was use Hota charger to charge multiple (4x) 1S batery as single 4s battery. The way to do it is to build simple cable adapter like this:

you need to order few parts:

1x XT60 socket

1x Balance 4S lead

4x Molex 51005 leads

And that’s how it needs to be connected:

And feel free to charge as 4S with some safe current acording your Lipo preferences:

even if they had different voltage, charger will try to balance them and than charge

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