First flight – cheap SYMA X5C

Welcome to my page, this is my first post:)

My drone story started 28.11.2017 when I ordered toy drone – SYMA X5C for my nephew as a Christmas present. Of course I opened the box and tried it for next few days. Even it was hard to control LOS (Line of sight) and i refresh my climbing-three abilities a lot it was super fun for me:)

of-course I need to disassembly everything after unboxing 🙂

But than in a few days one motor died and as it was few days before Christmas I ordered second SYMA X5C. I didn’t open the box to not destroy another one:)

Beside that I also ordered set of 4x SYMA motors (2 x CW and 2 x CCW) and set of 4 x spare batteries and charger (as fling with one battery was deficient)

So i had my own drone mostly by coincidence and that’s how its starts

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