How to release/unscrew stucked drone propeller securely

You maybe also experienced that you damage a propeller by trying to release bolt on it. I did it few times on my 3 inch Cloud 149. Specially for smaller motors with 3″ props it is hard to release a bolts and you can damage a prop easily during unscrewing

I know, there’s some grips to catch motor, but it is quite hard to use them if there’s rings around the prop. it is also limited to some specific sizes of motors

This is my way of un-tighten of propeller bolt and can be used for all size of motors/props.

  • it is quite simple, basically you just need a piece of old rag (t shirt…) and bolt wrench
  • So just wind up few threads of rag on the motor with first thread over propeller in a direction of screwing, than wind few turns around a frame and simple unscrew your bolt.
  • you can see it on that video:

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