Mr Steele like earbud for 1$

In this article i would like to show you, how to make similar earbud/headphones as famous one from Mr Steele.
There’s really nice video about why to use earbud and what is the advantage of single ear ones.

If you don’t want to bother yourself with creating/modifying your own, just take those from Mr Steele

But if you want to create one according your needs, this is guide for you.

As fist you need to order some mono headphones with stereo jack.


I take those for a 1$:

And some paracord 550

I had some paracord form my PC ATX cables sleeving, as Im “Black and little red” fan, I use red one
But I thing any paracord 550 should be OK, just find your lovely colour:

than you need some heat shrinks and some soldering tools.

  1. Shorten/cut original headphone cable to length you like (my is 190mm) from headphone side and leave around 10mm on jack side

2. remove insulation form cables and put a solder on naked wires, than put sleeve, 2 wider and one small heat shrinks on cable. Length of the sleeve should be same as length of the cable (don’t forgot to remove inner twine like here)

3. Solder cable wires back together with insulation tape on them, put a small heat shrink on that and shrink it with heater.

4. Extend the sleeve from end to end with shrinks covers ends, heat the shrinks and you ready to go

5. Go out and fly and hear your drone 🙂

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